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“Climate without Borders will equip and empower weather presenters to include information about climate change in their communication where appropriate, with the aim of improving public understanding of climate science and policy, and its effects on the environment.”

“Weather presenters play an essential role in informing the public about how to reduce disaster risk and address climate change. WMO therefore strongly supports activities that assist weather presenters to become more effective science communicators in the fields of weather and climate.”

"Weather presenters are a key source of information for the public about the weather, enjoying high levels of trust among large audiences. So they could play a valuable role educating the public about climate change, including its links with weather. I am pleased to support this venture and involve the IPCC in this valuable work."


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Therefore Climate without Borders will create a digital platform where weather and climate information is available, only for members.
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Climate without Borders will gather and spread information coming from the weather colleagues, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and other appropriate organizations like Climate Central, Weatherrisk, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Climate Home, European Climate Foundation, Copernicus, IMEC, RVO-Society, VITO, Cicero…

Latest views

This platform gives scientists, experts and innovative businesses the opportunity to share their latest views and their research conclusions with weather presenters, who can ‘translate’ this to the public. The outcome should be a transition towards a resilient, sustainable world.


Climate without Borders will organize webinars and provide online access to questionnaires with experts. When appropriate, regional and local bootcamps will be organized to engage more weather presenters into raising climate awareness, to make a transition to a sustainable, low-carbon society.

Educational and cultural projects

Climate without Borders will set up a wide variety of local and national educational, cultural and art projects in cooperation with schools, institutions, governments and the private sector. All members will have access to, and will be the privileged partners in setting this up on a national and local scale. Climate without Borders believes that weather presenterscan be the levelers in climate awareness not only through weather reports but also through educational and cultural/art projects.


Climate without Borders will work with respect towards differences in communication style, according to cultural differences and choice of media.


Brussels - 26&27 June 2017

“To equip and empower weather presenters to include information about climate change in their communication where appropriate, with the aim of improving public understanding of climate science and policy, and its effects on the environment.”

Launch-Bootcamp supported by WMO, IPCC and UNFCCC
only for selection of weather presenters from every continent


Sunday 25 June

Arrival participants


Monday 26 June

Action and innovation is everywhere


Tuesday 27 June

Climate Science, policy and communication


Wednesday 28 June

Departure participants


The support for this launch of WMO, IPCC and UNFCCC.

The continue support of RVO-Society, Jo Decuyper and Magali Jacobs.

The extra, financial support of VITO, European Climate Foundation, IMEC, Copernicus funded by European Commission and implemented by ECMWF, Flemish ministry of Science and innovation of Mr Muyters, WMO and CO2 Logic.

The essential, structural support of Vice-President European Commission, DG Climate and DG Energy Union, The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, Bloomberg, and Cronos.

The special partners for this event: RVO society, The Sixth Sense (booking), Belgocatering, UHasselt, Hoge Kempen Nationaal Park, NIKE, Per Espen Stokness, QPinch, Dopper, Sea Matters, Humphrey’s and Belgocatering, VisitBrussels, Belga, VTM, Paradise City - Pravda pressroom, our friends and family and volunteers!


Only weather presenters are welcome to become a member through:
  • application:
    weather presenters who send in a testimonial of their climate communication (details soon)
  • course:
    weather presenters who participate at a bootcamp, online introduction course or webinar, supported by Climate without Borders (details soon)
  • invitation:
    weather presenters who are invited through the global ‘www WhatsApp group’ created in January 2015



Jill Peeters is a Belgian weather presenter. She works for the main commercial channel in Flanders (VTM) and writes a daily weather report in the most read newspaper (Het Laatste Nieuws). Her followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat value her focus on sustainability. Since 2015 she has been in the Top100 of global influencers on Climate & Energy (

In 2006 she started to communicate on climate disruption. Jill Peeters gives presentations on this subject to all kinds of public: children, decision makers in companies, and politicians.


In 2008 Jill Peeters won the "EMS TV Weather Forecast Award” (European Meteorological Society) in Amsterdam. A year later, at the UN climate summit in Geneva, she received the “European Climate Change Communication Award”.

She produced and created a documentary on extreme weather. And yes, she loves to chase storms (in ‘Tornado Alley’ USA) now and then. Her TV programme for children (‘KliMax’) was awarded with the press prize on Sustainable development (2016). The ‘Wablieft?’ prize is her most recent award (2016) for ‘clear language on climate awareness'.

Her books on climate are based on the outcome of the AR4 and AR5 of the IPCC. She supported international initiatives as ‘dance for the climate’ and ‘sing for the climate’.

She was part of the Belgian delegation during the COP in Copenhagen and Paris, and she helped the WMO during workshops on climate communication in Tokyo, COP 21-Paris and COP22-Marrakech.

She is married and mother of three lovely teenage daughters.



Jill Peeters

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